DaNAgreen Co., Ltd. is a Seoul-based startup founded in 2017. We crosslink proteins to make scaffolds that help scientists culture cells in 3D. And a little R&D using it. Our goal is to come up with something that can add value to the lives of all living things on this earth, not just us humans but also laboratory or husbandry animals.


ProtinetTM is an extracellular matrix (ECM)-like scaffold made of proteins using DaNAgreen’s patented crosslinking technology. ProtinetTM is classified into S, TP, and P according to its starting materials. ProtinetTM scaffolds can be easily manipulated in typical cell culture dishes, plates, and inserts in standardized procedures. ProtinetTM scaffolds are fabricated in a standard format of a 10 mm diameter disk, which suits around one million cells (maximum number of attachable cells may vary according to cell types). Customized size or shape of ProtinetTM scaffolds are available upon request.